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Our Story

We are a sister team with a passion for design! Both of us, at a young age, had a flair for the art of design | We insistently took to decorating our rooms, rearranging the house, painting (and re-painting) our rooms and made changes to anything else we were able to get away with changing up. We come from a family that embodies design in many ways with an artist, a builder, a lighting showroom owner and several trades people who all have an eye for style and design. Although we're the only interior design professionals in the mix, we owe so much gratitude for those who we have gained industry knowledge from throughout the years.

Meet the team...

Jennifer Lanning-Reyes comes from

a background working in the design field with top builders from 2001-2006 during the height of the in the housing boom in Southern California. After the market crash, she began her journey through the design field as an independent interior design consultant. Jennifer has been running her own design firm since 2007 moving her business from San Diego, CA to Daytona Beach, FL in 2011. It was in FL that she joined forces with her sister, Michelle.

Although Jennifer enjoys all aspects of the design field she has a strong eye for paint selection & color coordination. She is also savvy with customizing bedding and window treatments. However, she really loves the challenges that designing kitchens & bathrooms bring to the table!

Michelle Flores, A graduate of the Design Program from Daytona State College in 2005, has always had an eye and passion for design. After graduating, she excelled at a top design firm in the Port Orange area before teaming up with her sister in 2011. Michelle has strengths in project managing -- she gets things done! As well as accessorizing and space planning. She has a knack for finding unique things and really enjoys a "good find" to incorporate into her designs whenever she can. 

Our Daily Motivation...

Although design is our passion we are also mothers of young ones that deserve much of our time these days | Michelle, the mother of a daughter (9) and a son (5) and Jennifer, the mother of two boys (5 + 2) With that said, design work gives us the outlet we crave to be able to stay sane for our growing kidlets!

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